Last night in the dale household was pretty awesome.   Jon and I never push Frankie to do anything, we feel she will learn on her own with subtle guidance.  She is 1 (on June 7th), and isn’t walking by herself.  Which according to her doctor and all health professionals, this is just fine.  So we aren’t sweating it. 

This is where the excitement comes in!!!  We were playing with her, and she was making a royal mess, like normal.  In the middle of it she decides she wants her shopping cart.  So she goes to it and tries to pull on it, but just tumbles.  It has no weight in it at all to help keep her up.  Jon pulls the cart out and we put stuff in the basket.  She immediately starts walking with it.  She has the biggest grin on her face too.  So stinkin’ cute.  We are playing like this for a good 30 minutes when Jon pulls the cart forward just a little out of her reach, and she goes for it.  She walked Two steps by herself!!  She then realized what she was doing and sat down.  Silly baby!

But the point is, SHE WALKED!!!!! I don’t think Jon and I have been more excited!  Can we all do a happy dance? 

Now we have to do our other dreaded thing… the rest of the baby proofing. ugh. Lets pray she actually walks a bit before she flat-out runs!!



Frances Dale



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