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See those glasses above?  ^^^  They were one of the best Dollar Tree purchases I’ve ever made.  They were a dollar!  And how cute are they? 

They really have everything in that store, it kinda cracks me up a bit.  Jon stated, “we should grocery shop here!”  to which I stated, “I thought you were a meat eater?” haha!  They may have a schmorgus board of stuff, but I don’t think you regularly shop there. 

Where do you like to get good deals?




   One of my major goals for this year is to lose some weight.  I don’t say get into shape, because that takes a lot of work.  I just want to drop some weight, and if I gain muscle along the way so be it.  (Next years goal is to muscle up.) 

  I was diagnosed a few weeks ago as “pre-diabetic” which to me you either are or your aren’t.  So I am trying my hardest to make it so I DON’T have it.  I never really realized how many carbs I eat.  And I think that is my problem.  I am addicted to carbs. :/  I will eat them in any way, shape, or form (within reason of course).  I was a vegetarian for 4 years, so this just fueled it.  It was my excuse to just eat all the carbs and junk I wanted.  And when I say junk, I mean I ate pasta a good 6 days a week. Sometimes twice a day. Its not wonder that I’ve ballooned up way past what I even feel comfortable talking about.

   My doc, who is freaking awesome, put me on Metaformin.  Side effects… fertility. I think it could be the best side effect ever.  Coming from someone who tried for 2 1/2 years in vain to get pregnant.  Even Fertility drugs didn’t work on me.  It is by the grace of God that I have a beautiful daughter.  If I ever tell you about that, which I may, you will agree.

   Okay so besides the awesome side effect. Are some not so fun ones that I dare not mention.  You can google it if you’d like, but I don’t feel right typing or copy and pasting those words. Gross. 

   So I guess what this blog really is all about it accountablity.  I really need some people.. even if its strangers.. checking in on me.  As of July 1st my carb intake will be close to zero.  I know I will need reminders to stay positive and remember that its for my health.  Stop being so crabby and live your life.  That is what I should be reminded of, on a daily basis.

   IG mommies that read this.. PLEASE feel free to hold me to this. I do not mind.  (that means you too Erinn. MUAH!)  Here goes nothin’!  Wish me luck!



Last night in the dale household was pretty awesome.   Jon and I never push Frankie to do anything, we feel she will learn on her own with subtle guidance.  She is 1 (on June 7th), and isn’t walking by herself.  Which according to her doctor and all health professionals, this is just fine.  So we aren’t sweating it. 

This is where the excitement comes in!!!  We were playing with her, and she was making a royal mess, like normal.  In the middle of it she decides she wants her shopping cart.  So she goes to it and tries to pull on it, but just tumbles.  It has no weight in it at all to help keep her up.  Jon pulls the cart out and we put stuff in the basket.  She immediately starts walking with it.  She has the biggest grin on her face too.  So stinkin’ cute.  We are playing like this for a good 30 minutes when Jon pulls the cart forward just a little out of her reach, and she goes for it.  She walked Two steps by herself!!  She then realized what she was doing and sat down.  Silly baby!

But the point is, SHE WALKED!!!!! I don’t think Jon and I have been more excited!  Can we all do a happy dance? 

Now we have to do our other dreaded thing… the rest of the baby proofing. ugh. Lets pray she actually walks a bit before she flat-out runs!!



Frances Dale


have I mentioned?


I’m a photographer. Old hat for a lot of people who know me that read this.  I have a blog for it, but I am high unsuccessful at updating it.  I think my last post was September of last year.  Eek.  But I do have a website too!  (click me!)

Sometimes I remember to update it, but most of the time my life consumes me and I forget.  So these next few days I hope to make it prettiful. I just did a wedding and a family super group and they turned out great, so that will hopefully give me some motivation to get it done! 🙂

❤ June 18th, 2011

One of my favorites so far from their wedding.  Aren’t they just too cute?  They were the model couple too!  So relaxed and not worried about anything. 
Congrats to you!
Anyway, I want some imput from fresh eyes. What would you like to see or hear?  Email me if you want, .

Locks of love </3 (yes thats a broken heart)


So i established in my last post, I have super long hair and I am cutting it. I have been convinced to cut enough off to give it to Locks of Love.

Only after seeing a wig in person and hearing her story was I convinced. Her hair was beautiful and didn’t look fake at all. I was amazed and in awe of it.

So now I really need to make a hair appointment and get going on this.

(PS! I did this from my iPhone! How cool is that?)



So after reading up on the locks of love website, I can no longer donate my hair. Sad face.  So when I’m about 30, and I no longer have any highlights or anything of the sort in my hair, I will donate it.  Maybe by that time I can have frankie start growing her hair out for it too. 🙂  But I probably won’t let her cut hers for a while.  😉

its all about your hair.


This next week I am going to be contemplating my hair.

I have REALLY long hair. I can tuck it into my pants.  I know its the envy of a lot of people.  Not that I’m gloating, I just have a lot of it!  I personally am very thankful for it. I account it to being one of my stronger physical attritubutes, my hair and my lips (my best friend reminded me that I love my nose too!).  Those are my favorite parts.

Anyway back to hair!  I need to keep it longer, my body is much too large to have short hair.  Let me rephase, my face is too large. Plus, I’m pretty lazy when it comes to styling!  I seriously have only brushed my hair around 7 times since December 31st, 2008.  Why?  May you ask, just because I didn’t have to.  I had a resolution to not brush my hair. Ridiculous?  Yes, so now I am done with that resoultion.  I’m 27 and need to actaully do something with
my hair!

So I’ve been combing blogs and photos. I think I have found some things I really enjoy!  This blog, little loveables,  has some REALLY cute ideas for longer hair styles.  My hair is sorta curly/wavy so a lot of those would be perfect. I am thinking I am going to start braiding my hair more and doing more loose pretty buns.

So until I get my hair cut, I will practice some braids.  And then have a hair fashion show for you! I know the whole 2 of you that read this are jumping
for joy. 😉