Monthly Archives: December 2011

18 months young.


Today my baby is 1 1/2 years old.  I seriously can’t believe it.  She’s walking like a pro, talking only when she feels like it.  She is quite the sassy little monster.  She is the most beautiful little girl, and I think she knows it.

18 months young


a semester off.


So I know I just started back to school.  But I feel that I really need to take this next semester off and focus on myself.  Why you ask?  I am a people pleaser.  I like to please people.  I just can’t help it.  I rarely do things for myself, and this is why I have self spiraled into this weird spot I’m in.  Its not really a bad spot, just a weird one.

This next semester I plan on working on myself.  Finding the time to be myself, and do things for myself.  Not in a selfish way, but in a good way.  Like I plan on working on my health and fitness.  Find the time to do things and not be lazy.   I know how to be lazy, and I’m damn good at it.  I am going to become a vegetarian once again after christmas.  So not having to go to class right after work will help with me cooking meals, and not just eating the carb filled fast food.  I also plan on learning how to make jellies, jams, and to can veggies.  Its a tall order I know.  But I feel like if I don’t change something now, my life is going to get way more hectic.  Am I abandoning my studies?  Absolutely not.  But I feel like if I don’t get myself under control I won’t have a future anyway.   I am going to take this next semester and invoke the 10 minute rule I talked about in my last blog post.  I am going to take the time to cook good for you foods.  I am going to take the time to just play and be with my daughter.  I am tired of others raising her.  (and no I’m not downing her babysitters!  they are amazing!!)  I am going to take my time.  So I will hopefully blog my adventures more.  At least I plan to.  (I wonder how far that will go!)

So if you have stumbled across this wonderful place, because you too are wanting change.  Join me in taking time for yourself.  Learn something you want to learn.  Change what you don’t like about yourself.  I’m doing all of the above, and I am taking a time-out to do it.

First thing on the list.  Learn how to make “mason jar meals”, and take my lunch to work with me everyday.  And once I get really good, hopefully jon will want to take his to work too!  Who doesnt’ love a good looking mason jar?  I just made a Pinterest Board for it.  Gonna start crackalackin’!