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open letter



This is an Open Letter to all those who never listened to their mother, father, aunt, uncle, step parent, foster parent, whoever raised you.

“If you do have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.  Weight every word, and think about its impact. You may have a significant impact on someone’s life someday.  Make it a positive one.”

Recently I have felt so many negative vibes from several different people, not all directed towards me.  So this isn’t really to one person, but many. Think before you say, type, or tell someone something.  You don’t know the situation that person is coming from.  Even if its your best friend, weight your words.  I feel so blessed that this was instilled into me at a young age.   It has saved me so much grief.  It’s also saved me from getting into a lot of trouble.  I have too many instances to count.

I guess the point of this blog is this, quit your word vomit.  From your mouth and your fingers.  It’s not productive, and it’s not cool or witty.  No one likes a smart a**.


blah blah blah


As of Friday I will have interwebs in the home again.  I am pretty darn excited, and I’m more than positive jon is too.  Its kinda weird to not be “wired” at home.  We were at the old house, but this new house we havne’t been.  And we’ve been here almost a whole month now too.  It’ll all change friday.  (Do I like to talk in circles or what?)  Which will be a good thing!  I can update about the house with pictures!  I think I’m going in different directions than orginally planned.  Which is going to be awesome, is an amazing tool when planning!  I’ve got boards for just about everything.  Including what I want to get frances for Xmas! 

So this is kinda of a Blah blah blah type of post.  Going to end it…. HERE!


new things in old places.


So the house we moved into is late 1800s, early 1900s.  It was definitely built before 1908, when Alton’s place where they kept records burnt down.  That much we know.  Its got lots of charm and it’s definitely a livable fixer upper.

Thankfully the previous owners didn’t have terrible taste!  Melissa and Nathan are actually friends of ours, we say their son Benton is going to marry our Frankie one day.  They are only 3 weeks apart in age.  (and totally adorable too!)  Thanks to them the house isn’t  tan, taupe and beige in every room!  I feel like those three colors haunt me.  In every house or apartment I’ve ever lived in, its been those colors. 

While I love the color in our bedroom, I think I am going to stick to the hue, but go slightly darker.  Make it more of a green instead of blue.  It’s a bluish-green turquoise-y type color.  REALLY pretty, but I’m not sure I’m going to be able to match it to paint a few spots on the wall that don’t have the color.  While I don’t plan on doing a huge decorating plan in there, I do plan on having a semi-theme.  I am getting these for the room to revolve around.  But also, I think I want to put these or these on a shelf in our room, or use them on my dresser as a “catch-all” type thing.  Now on to find a comforter that will look good.  I currently have one that would actually kind of match, but it has a bird theme on it.  So eventually it would annoy me.  So I think I want to find a chocolate-brown one. Maybe in down?  The hunt continues!

Maybe I should start a pintrest board for these.  Onto another room!

I have 3


I have three blogs sitting in my draft box thing here on  Its funny cause I do not think I will ever publish them. Hopefully I get through this one to publish it!  Anyway read on…

We recently moved from Jerseyville IL to Alton IL, which is about 30 mins south.  Its amazing how much stuff we had that I had no idea we even had.  I feel like a hoarder, but not in the extreme.  You know what I mean?  So needless to say, I’ve been throwing out lots and lots of crap.  I am a very nostolgic person apparently.  I keep the weirdest things.  If it had any meaning at all to me, I kept it.  I got rid of about 5 bags of unworn clothes too!  That was kind of liberating, more so than the junk I got rid of. 


AHHH! I’m so off track of where I wanted this blog to go. I think this is why I haven’t published the others.  I’m sure its true.  So I guess I am going to start anew in a moment after I publish this one, so I don’t have yet ANOTHER blog in my drafts!