two months…


   My baby will be Two. Where does the time go?  Right now she is as sassy as she can be.  Terrible two’s have already hit, and she is starting to prefer her daddy to mommy. Her personality is very independent, sweet, and as I said before sassy.  She gets the sass from her daddy!

 So now I am thinking about birthday parties and what I can do for her birthday. Last year we didn’t do much.  Just a little party at grammy’s house.  This year I want to have a slightly bigger party at my house. Ideas are pouring out of me, but to keep it small I have to reign them in.  I want to incorporate the moon somehow.  She is obsessed with the moon, but I also kind of want to do a “milk and cookies” theme. I found a great site that has milk bottles really cheap, and super cute stripey straws.  I guess I should get on and see what I can find. 

Got any ideas?  Pass ’em my way!




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