Things I forget about.


So I remember a lot of things, but then I forget about the rest.  Like how I forgot about my 12 things I wanted to do and such.  Which you know, I think I am okay with it.  I feel like I push myself to do things because other people want me to do it.  So then I forget about them.  Its a vicious cycle and I need to stop it!


So I have started this year out with lots of good intentions and my lack of sleep and time have prohibited such things.  Right now I need to get more than just my living room in order.  That is what I need to work on.  Cleaning out my closet, donating clothes I don’t wear and getting rid of the junk and muck that is in my house.  I am too nostalgic of a person.  I keep everything and I think I could be come a hoarder.  But not like on TV, but then again, maybe.  Who knows.  I just know I need to stop it.

Organizational tips, blogs, links, and pinterest boards welcome!




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