Blog roll!


Okay that makes me want sushi.  Blog Roll, they should make that a name of a sushi roll.


Anyway, I have had two people in my life recently take up blogging.  And thought I’d pass this on to anyone that reads this blog. First up my best friend Erinn’s blog:

Its beauty products, make-up and such.  A subject I know very little about.  And a subject she seems to have an addiction to! Go read, follow, and love her. ❤

Next my baby sister, Jaclyn.

She is entering the Miss Missouri Beauty Pageant.  I’m sure I missed something when describing it too.  eek!  But she is entering with hopes of being able to enter the Miss America beauty pageant.  She is blogging her journey and you should follow her, and help her pick out a gown. 😉

This next blog is my own again.  But its different from this one.  I am blogging about a book/devotional that I Am doing.  The Remix:Solo devotional by Eugene H. Peterson.  Feel free to follow.

So that is it for now.   Hope you have a great Thursday!


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