Ahhh! I’m 28!  When did this happen?  I mean really how in the world did I turn 28?  How did I get here physically?  This is a really long time to be here.  And don’t get me wrong, its awesome.  But this lady couldn’t imagine turning 21, because she never thought she’d ever make it.

So here I am, amazed and all.  But it’s time I start being greedy.  WHAT!? HOLD UP!?  Did she just say greedy??

Okay so when I say greedy, I am meaning:

A: Invoking that 10 minute rule. (find it here)

B Saying no, and not feeling bad about it.

C Spend all my time with Frances, because I can.

D: Let Erinn make my face over… it desperately needs it.

E: Let myself have fun.

So now that it’s the end of January, and pretty much everyone has given up on their resolutions, I want to clarify that this isn’t a resolution.  But me just getting back to me.


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  1. Woot for a re-haul! I feel like I take one step towards a new me (part old me, part current me, I guess) and two steps back, lol. Thanks for the reminder. Someone posted on fb the other day that we should be a woman first, wife second, and mother third. I agree with this, but the woman gets TOTALLY lost, then the wife and mother bicker until all three are worn the fuck out.

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