open letter



This is an Open Letter to all those who never listened to their mother, father, aunt, uncle, step parent, foster parent, whoever raised you.

“If you do have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.  Weight every word, and think about its impact. You may have a significant impact on someone’s life someday.  Make it a positive one.”

Recently I have felt so many negative vibes from several different people, not all directed towards me.  So this isn’t really to one person, but many. Think before you say, type, or tell someone something.  You don’t know the situation that person is coming from.  Even if its your best friend, weight your words.  I feel so blessed that this was instilled into me at a young age.   It has saved me so much grief.  It’s also saved me from getting into a lot of trouble.  I have too many instances to count.

I guess the point of this blog is this, quit your word vomit.  From your mouth and your fingers.  It’s not productive, and it’s not cool or witty.  No one likes a smart a**.


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