blah blah blah


As of Friday I will have interwebs in the home again.  I am pretty darn excited, and I’m more than positive jon is too.  Its kinda weird to not be “wired” at home.  We were at the old house, but this new house we havne’t been.  And we’ve been here almost a whole month now too.  It’ll all change friday.  (Do I like to talk in circles or what?)  Which will be a good thing!  I can update about the house with pictures!  I think I’m going in different directions than orginally planned.  Which is going to be awesome, is an amazing tool when planning!  I’ve got boards for just about everything.  Including what I want to get frances for Xmas! 

So this is kinda of a Blah blah blah type of post.  Going to end it…. HERE!



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