I have 3


I have three blogs sitting in my draft box thing here on wordpress.com.  Its funny cause I do not think I will ever publish them. Hopefully I get through this one to publish it!  Anyway read on…

We recently moved from Jerseyville IL to Alton IL, which is about 30 mins south.  Its amazing how much stuff we had that I had no idea we even had.  I feel like a hoarder, but not in the extreme.  You know what I mean?  So needless to say, I’ve been throwing out lots and lots of crap.  I am a very nostolgic person apparently.  I keep the weirdest things.  If it had any meaning at all to me, I kept it.  I got rid of about 5 bags of unworn clothes too!  That was kind of liberating, more so than the junk I got rid of. 


AHHH! I’m so off track of where I wanted this blog to go. I think this is why I haven’t published the others.  I’m sure its true.  So I guess I am going to start anew in a moment after I publish this one, so I don’t have yet ANOTHER blog in my drafts!


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