its all about your hair.


This next week I am going to be contemplating my hair.

I have REALLY long hair. I can tuck it into my pants.  I know its the envy of a lot of people.  Not that I’m gloating, I just have a lot of it!  I personally am very thankful for it. I account it to being one of my stronger physical attritubutes, my hair and my lips (my best friend reminded me that I love my nose too!).  Those are my favorite parts.

Anyway back to hair!  I need to keep it longer, my body is much too large to have short hair.  Let me rephase, my face is too large. Plus, I’m pretty lazy when it comes to styling!  I seriously have only brushed my hair around 7 times since December 31st, 2008.  Why?  May you ask, just because I didn’t have to.  I had a resolution to not brush my hair. Ridiculous?  Yes, so now I am done with that resoultion.  I’m 27 and need to actaully do something with
my hair!

So I’ve been combing blogs and photos. I think I have found some things I really enjoy!  This blog, little loveables,  has some REALLY cute ideas for longer hair styles.  My hair is sorta curly/wavy so a lot of those would be perfect. I am thinking I am going to start braiding my hair more and doing more loose pretty buns.

So until I get my hair cut, I will practice some braids.  And then have a hair fashion show for you! I know the whole 2 of you that read this are jumping
for joy. 😉


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  1. Ash,
    I hate brushing my hair too. I brush it once after washing it when I get out of the shower and that’s pretty much it. I only wash my hair 2-3 times a week. I think the braiding idea is fantastic. Keeping your hair up in a ponytail 24/7 is really bad for it so braiding it is definitely a step up considering the hair tie/clip is at the tip of your hair versus towards the root. I can’t wait to see the pictures!

  2. i agree brushing my hair is not wat i do best but i try.. i cut my hair back in december and i hated it, im just waiting for it to grow so i cld do some cute hairstyles

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